Younes Bros is a company specialized in power generation. The company's services cover manufacturing, trading, installing, commissioning, maintaining and implementing power projects. Our company is pursuing business expansion while strengthening our products and services to best serve our loyal clients widespread all over the world, including the Arab countries, Europe, Asia, and others, as well as international and governmental organizations such as the UN, UNDP, UNICEF, US ARMY.  

Moreover, we have many agents and offices in different regions and countries, such as Nigeria, KSA, Qatar, Iraq, Russia and still on the go.

We would like to notify you that Younes Bros is certified by ISO 9001: 2015 & ISO 14001:2015, DQS, BQR, ANSI RAB, SONCAP and IQNet, which guarantees the highest standards of services with paramount professionalism.
Our Values
    • Product Quality and competitive prices
    • Full Customer satisfaction
    • Leading technologies and innovation
    • Healthy workplace and environmental protection
    • Agreeable business atmosphere and fulfilled employees
    • Ethical Standards and contribution to community
    • Sustainable growth and long term success
Our Mission
    Our aim is to deliver power through our reliable generating sets with maximum safety and excellence; thus reaching every target customer by providing the best in quality and price.
Our Vision
    Keeping the taps flowing towards an increasing growth of Power Generating sets in every corner of the world.